Vile to viral: an update

Since publishing my last blog post about Jason and his charming email the response has been amazing.

From tweeting the initial horrible depressing email to @EverydaySexism, Van Girls’ received 145 retweets and 104 favourites and our twitter following went up by 152 which is a 25% increase for us.

Brand Amplifier have also received some well deserved publicity for their part in teaching me how to navigate the worlds of press and social media as a female entrepreneur.

My last blog post Vile to Viral received over 1500 views in one day and today we were featured in an In Focus article on the Everyday Sexism project and the amazing work of Laura Bates in The Metro:

Read the article here

It just goes to show that no one can get away with venting their nasty thoughts at innocent people or businesses anymore, make them public and the positivity you will receive will hopefully outweigh the initial negative.

Now to get on with moving people’s stuff!

Winning Brand Amplifier

Winning Brand Amplifier



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